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Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Well that's it Monkeygogo Muscle Gallery is officially 1 yrs old. The hit count today is 180118, so in all its not a bad years worth of interest . I hope guys have enjoyed my gallery so far - and hopefully we'll get some more exciting stuff happening over the coming year.

So to make it a special and memorable day I've managed to finsh off my Marco image. So may i present to you Marco once again!

So i've played about with Marco - his looks etc, and I've tried to up the level of detail on him in general. There are again 3 versions though I didn't just want to emulate the previous picture completely so i decided to give him goggles on his head on the underwear version. This is in reference to "Simon" in Gurren Lagann which by far is still one of my fan anime series (next to Cowboy Bebop). Unfortunately there's no erect version - I don't think it needs it - it's a tasteful nude. NUDE VERSION can be found here link

Anyway I hope you all enjoy it, and thank you:


  1. Awesome!! I agree, they look great the way they are ;)

    Your work is so unbelievably great, I am in awe with each new piece ^_^

  2. Yay!!! Happy day ~ >w< <3
    I wonder what Michael'll look like ~ o3o <3

  3. hey dude...nice art...by the way...i do animation for movies and tv...and also i do comics about harry potter,resident evil and such...and some greate and hot gay comics...but i dont find any iintrest in my blog...i realy like to meet artists here...you know how can i get in Boytoons Magazine cover???
    thanks for help!!!

  4. No way Sunyboys! i used to work in Tv and Film too but i wasn't a animator. I dealt with Lighting and Rendering. I'm not too sure about how to get on to Boytoons Magazine though, I guess it's worth chatting to oher more experience erotic artists.

  5. Happy birthday Monkey! Your pieces of art are more and more beautiful and awesome!! :) It's always a pleasure to read your blog! :-)

  6. Splendid new versions of Marco, thanks.
    Ta-ta-daa! Congrats for your year of great posts!! b^^d It seems to be an important week for you & me to: from now on I'm totally, irrevocably, proudly OUT!!! Thanks to Will's last post on his blog: http://www.myministryofpleasure.com/
    I'm not shouting it at every street corner, but the people I really know know (?) So no more pseudonym for the gay sites, I leave Joseph, Joey & Oakfield behind me, Adios... Hello, Benoit

  7. Thank you Batsu, your comments are always welcome here ;)

  8. CONGRATULATIONS BENOIT! Thats so cool! I'm glad you've come out! It took me a while to do it but when i did , it felt great!

  9. Congrats MonkeyGoGo San! >_<

    Its really cool the thing that youve made, its like...Marco=Asuka / Kentaro=Shinji Hahahaha, where is Rei? ^_^

    About Marco, y love the Hair version. And, in this particulary pic, ive seen uve improved the torso. (not that i dont love your previous work).

    And, lastly, you are right, its not necesary an erection, `cause is pretty tastefull nude right there.

    Love yor work, and love how you are/talk Monkeygogo San ^^

    Visit me sometime; in_my.dreams@hotmail.com

  10. i melt away each time i see this xD :3