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Saturday, 13 September 2008

Art tips and advice!

So alot of people ask me about the idea of doing a tutorial on how I draw. Whilst I don't really have the time to make a full on tutorial, I can give few helpful tips.

- Use whatever medium you feel most comfortable with. If you like pencil on paper stick with it. If you like vectors use that instead. I personal prefer vectors (such as Illustrator) because it give me greater control over the line art.

- Find good reference (mag/online pictures, beefy friends, or yourself). The more you find the better, because if you've not seen what you wanna draw before then really you are just guessing. It isn't a bad thing but if you can see what your drawing then it becomes a bit more intimate and accurate. You can also augment it and exagerate it to you styles and needs.

- Don't rush it! Take you're time and really try to get a feeling for your image. Sometimes when you're "in the zone" you get get some really good work done and sometimes its just a mental block. I prefer to do my images in the evenings when there's no distractions, and i guess i break it off into 2 parts - the first night to do the line art and the second night to do the coloring. This gives me some time to think about the image before taking it further with coloring.

- Finally enjoy it and have fun! Its not a competition to see who can draw better. Drawing is for your own benefit only. If you do a good job of it and you're proud post it online and see what other people think. Don't expect people to like your work immediately, it takes time to build up a fan base.

Well i guess thats all the advice i can really offer. Even if your not an artist give it a try - you might gain new appreciation over what it takes to produce muscle artwork.

If you have any more specific question please feel free to leave a comment ;)



  1. Thanks for all the info ~ :3 <3

  2. You are usingIllustrator for your lineart?
    Are you drawing everyline via a path or how are you doing it?

    Anyway... I really love your artwork...



  3. Greetings Caleidos!
    Thanks you very much for your comment. The answer to your question is YES ;)

    All my work is done using a combination of illustrator and photoshop. The lines are all done in illustrator as well as some of the coloring.

    Using a wacom and the brush tool in illustrator can give you some great results - I can control the weight to my lines easily and amend the path if need be.

    I don't use the pencil tool too much.

    The Pen tool is very useful for creating shapes which are useful to use as masks for photoshop.

    Any other questions give me a shout ;)