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Thursday, 3 July 2008


Monkeygogo is looking forward to London Pride 2008. Nothing special, just going to attend, drink and watch!!!

Well it was okay! the weather held out okay for the most part so that was a blessing within itself. Was it fun ??? Well it was okayyyyyyyyy .... to be honest I wasn't with very good company - the guy I went with was a bit of a drama queen, though his friends that he met up with there were actually really nice people. The problem with these type of events is that drugs play such a big part of it and whilst I am 100% drug free, the person I was hanging around with was definately on a different state of mind.

Now i 'm not anti-drugs or anything like that but it does make me think what a waste of a great night out cos here I am wondering around Soho with a bunch of people not wanting to go anywhere cos they are all too spaced out. So the only thing I could do was end the night early and go home or watch people basically stand around and rolling there eyes left to right continuously for about 2 hours..... I did about 1 hour of that and thought screw this i'm off home.


  1. Hopefully see you on Old Condom Street then!

  2. HELLO



  3. LOL
    Funny "afterwards" story. I love it. :P