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Sunday, 13 July 2008

In preparation for 100,000 HIT's

For many Bloggers that may be a small number. Some bloggers probably get 100000 hits a day. But for Monkeygogo that is a very big goal! The 100,000 hit milestone means a lot and from the bottom of my heart thank you very much for all the hits. Its been a long time since i first started drawing my muscle men on DeviantArt (since Sep 28, 2004, 7:12 PM) and nearly 4 years on Monkeygogo is still going strong.
Anyway way so time for another addition to my gallery. So after many requests and suggestions featuring Kentaro x Marco, i thought eh why not - it seems to be a popular combination. So here it is TADAAAAA.

Notice how the style of coloring is different from previous images - making this image super special. Now as much as I do like cell shaded images, I have always wanted to learn to colour my images in a different style. The shading is much more softer and organic, giving the characters more 3d form than they've ever had. I feel like my lines have let the image down a little - they need to be about 30% thinner I think (especially on Marco's torso). I've also tried to experiment with giving Marco a hairy-er body however it didn't seem to work out well so i removed it altogther. I maybe release another version with more hair later - pending i get it t work well. Once again this iamge was created using illustrator and photoshop.

OOooops I nearly forgot!!! For those of you who like men with a bit more hair here's an alternative version exclusive to this blog!!! Check it out marco's quite sexy with more body hair as he was intended to be.


  1. looking good like always
    would be ncie to see a tutorial from you x3
    and i am glad your strong on this after 4 long years, i remember your first images on DA, and while they are still good, your really a lot better now

  2. Thanks Devilman. It's an honor to know that you've followed my works since i started.

    A tutorial eh???? I dunno, I've offered advice before on drawing and people just general don't like to listen - they get a bit defensive and dismiss you all together. Humplex has some great tutorials supposedly (i haven't seem they yet) but he's a great artist, so i guess his tutorials must be pretty comprehensive. ;)

  3. Pre-Congrats for your pre-100k ~ ^o^ <3
    *insert speech here*
    I would say stuff, but I can't recall a lot of things ~ I've been watching your work for maybe 2 years tops, so I haven't been with you all the way, but I give you my full support and compliments for your ever-improving work. <3

  4. Oh...wow.
    That's nice...and I like the new shading style. It's a little better than the blue-ish tones you were using. Also, the alternate with a hairier Marco looks good. I like it, anyway. :P
    Good job and congrats on 100K!

  5. Thanks Diamonddust and -DCX-,

    I'm sure my images will change even more in the future as i continuously want to learn new techniques and such. I think hairier Marco is actually turning my on now ......

  6. Monkey Go Go Sama, im Yabuki from Argentina, friend of Devilman San and Sarumaru CHan ^^
    I really love your work! My fav charactter its Marco, i love it cause be Seme and Uke at the same time, and, even be so manly...its freaking HAWT! ^^
    Also, i like the klind of colour that u use, its important when u do a pic (or, i give much importance do). Whatever, i agree with devilman cause I im beggining to use Photoshop, and it will be grear to see how u use it to make so Awsome Work.

    Kisses!!!, Yabuki

  7. Wow Gogo, This new pic is really HAWT! I love the way you color, so clean and crisp. Devilman is right, you have gooten so much better over the years. Keep it up my monkey brotha! XD

  8. Hi Yabuki from Argentina! Thanks for vsisiting my blog and i'm glad you like my work! Marco is a pretty cool chracter i really like him hairy i think :P

  9. Hey DJ! Great to here from you mate ;)Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you like my new pic and for once i actually do like the coloring! Your Blog is coming along great too! So much new stuff being updated last time i checked! ;)

  10. I vote that Marco keeps the hair. He's a million times hotter with it. : D

    I love your artwork! I check this blog pretty much daily. Haha.

  11. Please keep Marco hairy. He just looks right that way.

  12. Wow, as always, this is awesome work! I'd love to see this in a comic book format.