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Thursday, 14 February 2008

20000 hits

Wow Thanks for the 20000 hits already guys (and gals)!!! So i didn't plan on reaching this mark already so didn't really prepare anything special! My bad! However i've managed to finish the drawing mentioned ont he previous post! Nothing special in fact its not even rude - which is great because yunno i'm really not a perve ;)

So i've been concentrating abit more on the monkey character - working out the pose for a more agile character and i'm pretty happy with the result. So here ya go a not so special drawing for a very special occasion ...


  1. great work like all your stuff, love your monkey character aswell. Kepp it up ^^

  2. Love the simplicity of the background, it adds to the main image and helps it be more punchy rather than detracts from it. Great work as always.

  3. Awww...he's so cute!
    Heh, he doesn't need to be smutty, I like him even as is. :D
    Which isn't to say that smut would be bad, but you know...:P

  4. To Skypinguin - Glad to know you like my stuff! I'll definately keep it up! I think i'll set up a suggestion box so that people can make suggestions as to what they'd like to see - no guarantees though ;)

    To Nookiedog - Thanks fellow blogger user! I like your breakdown it makes so much sense. I hope y ou don't mind but i added a link to ur page in my list of sites ; )

    To -DCX- Hey Thanks! glad you liek it the way it is - i did try to draw a version with the missing anatomy but it did kinda look stupid so had to abandon it ;)

  5. I think he is just so adorable!

  6. hey gogo! :B Niiiiice monkey boy there :D Hope you'll show us more to him in the coming days :D Congrats man!

  7. Heh, oh well. We'll see more of him later anyway, and you'll get it right eventually. ;P

  8. To FMX, - hey thanks! yunno the guys you draw are really adorable aswell too! Love your avatar!

    To Humbuged - Wow i feel pretty chuffed now that you've commented on my image, ur like one of my heroes around here the art circle or man smut.

  9. Hey Monkey!

    I just followed the link from JC's blog. You've got amazing arts. I'm going to keep an eye on you. Keep up the great work!



  10. you deserv all those hits and even more =D