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Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Well I love to draw using my PC anyway ..... Well here's the first picture for 2008!! And i really like this one! I mean there's nothing special about it, I just like it. So as you can see there's 3 versions : censored, nude and smut mwhahahahaah! You may be noticing that Kentaro's pee pee is getting stooopidly large! This is because I've grown to like the art of a very talented japanese artist by the name of Migri and you know what that means ..... MASSIVE C%#KS. I mean if i'm gonna draw them i might as well break free from the bonds of reality and go crazy with em. Currently most of Kenatro's pee pee is covered up! HOWEVER I will post a secret bonus picture of Kentaro (in this picture's pose) by himself uncensored when this blog reaches 10000 hits muawhahahaha!!!!


  1. Oh, good to see new pictures...!
    And such good ones at that.

    ... Though I may say it is a shame, the massive c**** matter... But that is just mine opinion, and ye shall draw is you feel better with it.

    (... Wouldn't mind if you wanted to balance the amount of pictures with massive members and... With normal ones though.
    Again, just my opinion...♪)

    So, uhm.
    Happy new year!

  2. Hi! I found your blog through humbuged's blog. You're doing great work here! I love how you color your work, and even though I'm not into facial hair your characters are very attractive. I can't wait to see more of your work!

  3. Lovely images, dude! I like downloading all of them and clicking between them to see their clothes vanish. So fun!

    I really dig your style of coloring. Who are your influences?

    Yeah, Kentaro has a large wang-- but it's HOT! I wouldn't call anything about cartoon wang "normal." Don't feel any trepidation about exaggerating, dude-- it's what cartooning is all about! And besides, in real life-- I've seen some that were pretty humongous as well.

    C'mon people, come to this site so we can move that blondie outta the way! haha!

  4. hi! I found your blog thanx to the humplex links and really like your drawings.can't wait to see more and more of your sexy guys!

  5. Well, you hit 10,000, now cough it up!

  6. i like the one with the huge cock and cum =)