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Saturday, 11 November 2017

The Monkeygogo Returns

So many of you have probably been asking where I've been. Well sad to say that its been a tough couple of years. I've been focusing more on trying to feel good about myself. I trained hard and tried to get fit but at the expense of not having much time to draw. But  I think it's time to get things back in order.

Some of you might have been following me under my new pseudo name @monkey_muscle over on IG. I post daily on my account so please do check it out if you are a IG user.

So I been working on this piece on and off now. I wanted to do more in it but i think its probably best to use upload this and move onto my next piece.

You blog followers are lucky in that this is the only place I post my adult uncensored work.


Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Shoh Arisue

I am like totally addicted to Instagram at the moment not only because its a realm purely catered for expressing the narcissistic side of us, its also great to network and chat with hotties around the world.

During my trawling around the IG land I discovered a totally hot model by the name of Shoh Arisue and thought to myself I must totally draw him! As it turns out it went rather well and i ended up doing a pretty good collection.

See what you think, enjoy :D

NB: you can follow Shoh on his IG account @shoh.ar

As usual the technique is always the same; lines, base tones for contrast, shading and colour. Its been a while since I've had the opportunity to draw so I'm glad I've not forgotten how to do this properly.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

I don't bite

So here's a piece that I kinda got out of the way pretty swiftly - I had limited time to fit this one in so unfortunately there was no mega cumshot scene included but still its quite sensual and erotic even without the money shot.

There is a story behind the picture however that's best saved for another day - perhaps when i get permission to share the full story in detail :D

Which piece do you like???

More to come soon and thanks for following. 

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Real Men: Dodgypirate

So this ones been long in the waiting! Dodgypirate (aka Bucccaneer) is one of those mysterious guys on the internet that really no one knows much about him. All we really know is that he's pretty hot and is pretty hung down there. I mean if you were lucky enough to see one of his clips then you'll know what I'm talking about! And who can blame him, hell if I'd flop mine out as often as i could if I was as hung :D

Well as fate would have it, we're actually IG buddies. I mean the thing that really struck me was that we kind look similar, we have a pretty similar body type and we both like to get naked, so really it's a bit like drawing myself ... only he's actually hotter T_T

So there's 4 images with 2 sets. I noticed he seems to wear a cap every now and then and thought it was a nice little edition. I was also tempted to draw him with his dog Killerbeast - but then I realised I suck at drawing dogs in such wide angle perspectives, so it never happened

So as you can tell he's totally Monkeygogo material, hence I submit him for my gallery! Enjoy!

You can follow him on his IG account @Dodgypirate

More to come real soon! 

Monday, 15 February 2016

Real Men: Micahaus

So I got a random message from a guy on Instagram asking me whther I would draw him (believe me when I say this happens a lot). Usually i ignore these request as there's a lot happening at the moment and there's a queue of guys wanting to be drawn. However there was a little spark of connection with this guy. After going through some of his Instagram post he seemed like a nice enough guy and thought hell why not?

So for this year I'm gonna make more of effort to get back into drawing more, I'm already thinking of opening to the idea of doing commissions, Though I'm still trying to think up of what the pricing would be. And who knows maybe I'll even start up a Patreon account to help support doing what I enjoy doing the most.

You guys can follow Micahaus on his IG account: https://www.instagram.com/micahaus/ and cheer him on with his fitness goals. He's a really nice guy.

Also I've started a Facebook page which I will be uploading SFW images and general updates. It's pretty empty at the moment. But hopefully get things going on it. I'm thinking of showing more working in progress and tutorial's of how I work, It will also be a better forum for community hopefully. More to come soon.

Catch up with you all real soon.


Thursday, 14 January 2016

Marco Returns 2016

So it's complete! Given more time i would have done more to it but i think its not too bad the way it is currently. I'm looking forward to making a few prints with these - they should come out rather nicely.

Marco took a little bit of a break last year and yeah i got plenty of emails about where Marco went. Well it seemed like all he wanted was a little rest and now that he's recovered you should see a lot more of him. Which version do you like?

This picture actually began with a completely different pose and was part of a study I did for stretching. However I wasn't very satisfied with it, and decided to put it on hold.

It wasn't all that bad

However I happened to do a cheeky instagram post over the the Christmas period and I thought : "huh that looks pretty interesting".

So I decided to re adapt the Marco stretch drawing to a laying down on the bed pose! and it worked out pretty fine. I'm hoping to do a series of all my characters in bed now and compile them together at the end for one big picture! Sounds pretty hot eh? 

You can follow me on instagram @monkey_muscle

Once again thank you very much for checking out my work, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Feeling Lazy!

Happy New Year Everybody!

I am terribly sorry about the lack of updates. Unfortunately I've put myself in a position where I'm perpetually broke for the foreseeable future and as such have had to concentrate on taking on multiple jobs day and night to support myself. I could moan about it till the cows come home, but really I put myself in the situation so I'm trying my hardest to get myself out of it. So there's my personal update.

Moving on - Here's something i been working on that's starting to come together quite nicely. I'm pretty sure I'll get it finished tomorrow night however I just thought I'd show you guys a sneak preview and my pipeline for getting my drawings from line work to fully coloured images.

It always begins with lines, then move onto tones to set what should be darker and lighter, I then move onto shading and lighting, and finally colours. Its really quite fun and therapeutic and is a simple way to get your drawings to a semi professional level.

It's been a while since we seen Marco - so its about time we get him back in there. There was meant to be another drawing of Marco, however the file became corrupt and what I managed to salvage wasn't very good or useful. So I'll have to go through and redo it again at some point.

Anyway check back tomorrow night for the finished image. and yes of course there will be an adult version ;)


M x